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About Our Nonprofit - A Hawaiian Homestead Association
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The Kumu Camp is a social enterprise of the Anahola Hawaiian Homestead Association (AHHA) and its tax exempt nonprofit arm, the Homestead Community Development Corporation (HCDC).  AHHA was founded in 1982, and is one of more than 30 homestead associations controlled by native Hawaiians eligible for lands set aside by the U.S. Congress in 1920 to be held in trust, similar to Indian reservations, for native Hawaiian homesteading (residential, farming or ranching), mercantile and commerce, and public purpose uses. 


More than 400 native Hawaiian households are located on our trust lands in Anahola.  Our nonprofit and all of our community members are dedicated to the well being of the Hawaiian Home Land Trust and the Anahola region of Kauai.  AHHA is about home, family and future!


The following AHHA Board of Directors are elected by voting resident members of AHHA.


Kipukai Kuali’i President

P.O. Box 662061

Lihue, Hawaii 96766


Expires: 2017


Robin Danner Vice Pres-Treas

PO Box 315

Anahola, Hawaii 96703


Expires:  2015 


Sherri Cummings Vice Pres-Sec

P.O. Box 441

Hanalei, Hawaii 96714


Expires:  2016 


Frank Cummings

P.O. Box 31

Kapaa, HI 96746


Expires: 2016


Kawika Cutcher

P.O. Box 674

Anahola, Hawaii 96703


Expires:  2017


Lorraine Rapozo Member

P.O. Box 180

Anahola, Hawaii 96703


Expires:  2015 


Debra Kualii

PO Box 30939

Anahola, Hawaii 96703

Expires:  2017


Kamahalo Kauhane

P.O. Box 250

Anahola, Hawaii 96703


Expires:  2015


*Pastor Alex Young

PO Box 1752

Kapaa, HI 96746


Expires:  2016


Nathan Kupihea

Solar Committee


Frank Cummings


Jordyn Danner

Hiki No Sports Club


Tiphany Bousierre



Robin Danner, AHHA board member, administers the day-to-day functions of HCDC. To contact the AHHA or HCDC offices, or to become a member of AHHA, call 808.855.2108 or email or by mail at PO Box 646 Anahola, Hawaii 96703

4270 Poha Road Anahola, Hawaii 96703


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